Are You Ready To Transform Your House Into A Haunted Mansion?

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Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get spooky. It’s that time of year to pick out a costume, stuff your face with candy, and deck the halls with cobwebs and skeletons. Whether you are decorating for trick-or-treaters or an awesome monster mash, there are lots of fun ways you can get your house prepared for Halloween. You just have to figure out what you are looking for!

The first thing you are going to want to do is to decide exactly what spooky elements you want to incorporate into your home. You need to really take into consideration what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create. Are you looking to get little kids into the Halloween spirit, or trying to scare the lights out of your peers and coworkers?

Either way, there is bound to be something you’re looking for, and the first place to start is the outside!

The Great Outdoors

The outdoors are honestly the best place to start decorating. It is the first thing people will see when they show up to your event and it may be the only place where you can woo trick-or-treaters.

Whether you are looking to do some minor festivities or want to do a full-blown Halloween makeover, light up yard ornaments is a great way to make sure you get that attention you seek.

Black Light-up Cat

There are few animals that scream Halloween quite like a black cat. From bad luck to a witch’s trusty familiar, the black cat has become synonymous with everything mysterious and magic. This piece is detailed enough that it doesn’t look out of place at a mature event but friendly enough you won’t send kids away in tears. Not the scariest item, but a classic! The best part, it’s completely illuminated so you don’t have to worry about not being able to see it on dark, stormy nights.

Clown-Go-Round Animated Prop

Now, this next one is certainly not for the faint of heart. This piece quite literally puts a twist on the classic killer clown gimmick. Terrify your guests, both adults and children alike, as you present them with their worse nightmare. You can even keep it a secret that this decoration has an infrared sensor so that you can catch people off guard when these little monsters come to life right before their unsuspecting eyes. Electronics like this, though, are much better left out of the rain on a porch or under some kind of tent.

Inflatable Jack the Pumpkin King

Whether you are trying to cater to a Disney loving audience or you are just a huge fan of the cult-classic, this Nightmare Before Christmas lawn ornament is sure to get you singing along to Danny Elfman. Boys and girls of every age will fall in love with this. Perfect for all weather conditions (so long as it doesn’t blow away) and even lights up so you can experience Jack rain or shine. Remember, Nightmare Before Christmas is a double holiday movie, and it’s the perfect way to sneak some spook into your winter décor.

Clawing Cathy Animated Zombie

If you are looking for something a little less Halloween Town and a little more graphic, this animated zombie is sure to do the trick. If her looks weren’t enough to send you running the other way, clawing Cathy also has a sensor to make sure everyone that walks by notices her presence. She’s a delicate lady who needs to be on a covered porch to stay functioning, but there is nothing delicate about the way she will scare the life out of every guest that comes to your home. Bonus points for the Walking Dead fans out there!

Inflatable Black Smiling Spider

For those of us trying not to scare little kids or just like the cutesy aesthetic, this is the perfect addition to your yard. Super cute, super simple, and unmistakably Halloween. Perfect if you’re doing something for toddlers or a school event where you have to tone it down a bit. Remember, just because you have a family-friendly outside doesn’t mean that you have to have a censored interior to match.

Barking Dog Skeleton

Any dog owner will tell you the struggle of a barking dog the second someone comes close to your door. However, no one would suspect to look down and see this pile of bones. This may not be what you typically think of man’s best friend, but, its the season! Tame enough for children while still adding a tasteful element to your home. We can’t guarantee how your real dog will be handling this new companion though.

Animated Lighted Cats Eyes

While Fido is hiding from your new pet, someone’s got to keep an eye on your home! This cute wall decoration is perfect people trying to sneak some feline fun into your home. The animated eyes look around and light up so you can enjoy them even better in the dark part scene. Perfect for kid’s parties and less serious adult parties alike. Cat ladies can rejoice that they aren’t crazy for having this stuff anymore.

Animated Spider with Long Legs

Let’s not leave spiders out of the animal party, now. These guys are just a much a part of everyone’s household (whether they want them to be or not). While these may not always be a welcomed pet in your home, this spider is ready to party. This giant spider hangs down from your ceiling and even dances around and moves. You’ve seen how people react to a tiny little house spider, now imagine what they are going to do when they check out this guy.

Bilious Zombie Animated Fog Machine Accessory

Starting to switch back to some more gore, everyone loves a good fog machine. What’s better than giving the people what they love? Scaring the daylights out of them with your own tweak. This fog machine accessory will transform your slightly muggy get-together into the set of an old slasher film. Isn’t the best thing for kids, but still, everyone loves a good zombie apocalypse.

Candy Creeper Animatronic

If you really want to take your party to the next level, you can always get a creepy animatronic. Animatronics are creepy without even trying, now imagine what happens when one is built for the sole purpose of scaring? Just prop this lifelike guy up in a corner, when everyone’s in costume, people may not even recognize that he’s not just one of the guests. He’s much more than a passive partygoer in a creepy mask. The animated fiend with add some subtle jump scares to unsuspecting people just trying to enjoy some candy. (You can even leave him to give to trick-or-treaters when you’re busy getting your spook on.)

Hanging Friendly Ghosts

Now to take it down a notch and bring you some kinder classics, these ghosts will keep the Halloween spirit up when you aren’t looking to give people nightmares. These cute little guys are a great way to celebrate the holidays in one of the most traditional ways. These guys are cute enough to decorate kids playroom or even a school function. These guys will be a hit, there’s a reason Casper’s so famous. It’s a great way to ween people into something a little more intense or just appeal to your inner desire to have something cute and friendly in your home.

Animated Dragon Statue

There isn’t exactly anything too friendly about this guy. Now if you’re looking for something less traditional with equal parts cool and creepy, this is exactly what you are looking for. Everyone who’s anyone has wanted a dragon at some point in their lives and now’s their chance. This creepy monster brings together the scare of Halloween while still retaining some uniqueness that people can really express themselves by. Show off your Game of Thrones passion or even Disney obsession. When Halloween comes to an end, he can turn any playroom or den into a medieval lair all year round.

With Halloween coming up so soon, don’t get so caught up with costumes and pumpkin carving that you end up having to settle for plastic spiders and cobwebs for decorations. Halloween is the time of year when there is no such thing as too much. Decorate everything, put on your best costume, and absolutely terrify your friends and family. It’s the one time of year where nothing is more flattering than someone screaming and running in the opposite direction, embrace it.

Even if you didn’t find something here that quite clicked, there is a near-endless range of stuff you can find. From dolls to vampires, if there is a fear, there is a prop. For your chance to win your very own animated dragon and permanently bring up your party reputation just like share, and comment on their facebook, youtube, twitter, and Pinterest pages to be entered to win.

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