5 Great Halloween Party Themes for 2019

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Sometimes you may not be in the mood to head door to door in search of candy. On years like this, the best way to make the most of your Halloween is to have a great party. There are a few things that you need to transform your house party into a Halloween party and the first thing you need to start with a is a good theme. Costumes for all Occasions can tell you from experience that a good theme is essential for any successful party, but knowing what theme to choose is the hardest part. Thankfully, we have a list of our top 5 Halloween party themes for 2019.

Stranger Things Party

Stranger Things Decorations
Decorate your party from our stranger things collection.

This year more people than ever are obsessed with the cult-favorite Stranger Things which makes it a great pick for a Halloween theme. There is a big mystery between what’s going on with Indiana and Hawkins but the camaraderie of the kids in the show is something that everyone loves. Decorate your home to look like a scene or scenes from the show and ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite character. Once you have this theme set, the rest is easy to build around.

Witches Convention

Witches Party
Have a spooky witches party!

If you are interested in throwing a Halloween party but want to have it a bit more sophisticated for the older crowd then a witches party is a great theme. Decorate your home in dark but elegant decorations and ask everyone to arrive dressed as a witch or warlock from their favorite era. Think 3-course dinner with themed plating’s and crafty notes at the table as opposed to snacks and candy littered around the house.  You can even have a wine service with special Halloween attributes if you want to take this theme to the next level.

Angels & Devils

Angels and Devils
Are you are the good side or the bad side of the Angels party?

For those looking to host an all adult Halloween party but are not interested in a sit-down dinner style theme, an Angels & Devils theme might be right up your alley. Intended for the 21+ crowd you can make it a masked affair with your guest arriving in their preference of angel or devil attire. Games, drinks, dares and fun abound for this night of good versus evil.

Horror Viewing Party

If you have space and the time, a Horror themed viewing party is a great way to spend Halloween night. Pick two or three popular spooky movies and transform your living room and family room into themed viewing areas that fit each movie. If you have a basement you can even convert that into a special viewing party with a Halloween moving made for kids. Popcorn, snacks and spooky fun galore can be expected with this idea!

Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery
Who did it? Find out this Halloween!

Everyone loves a game of “whodunit” so converting your entire Halloween party into a murder mystery is a great way to have fun. You can set a time for each of your guest to arrive and pass out actions cards and scripts as they arrive. Set a formal dress code but keep it fun, this is a perfect theme for all ages and a great way to keep your guest engaged and interactive all night long.

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