5 Occasion’s To Give A Handmade Gift Basket

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It’s that time of year again! It’s a time for family, friends, festivities, and the common love of food to come together and celebrate the holidays.  At many holidays or celebrations, food serves as the focal point. Everyone comes together with gifts and food to make the holiday that much better. If you have been invited to any parties or celebrations this year, you may be looking for something different to take as an invited guest. A little bit of creativity and some props from Costumes for all Occasions, you can make a memorable gift basket to share!


Costumes for all occasions.
Thanksgiving gift basket idea from costumes for all occasions.

Among the holidays and celebrations, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is really centered on food. In fact, this holiday is not only about food, family, and friends, but it is about being fortunate for what you do have and giving back to those who can’t provide for themselves. Often times your place of business, church, or school will start asking for donations for a food basket on Thanksgiving. They serve as one of the greatest gifts that a needy family can receive at this time of the year. Try gifting a food gift basket to a family that you know is in need. If not, donate one to a food shelter. Thanksgiving food gift baskets can also be given to family members who have invited you to their house for the holiday, it shows that you gave thought to your present and the extra food is always an added plus. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Another great holiday devoted to giving back to the community is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This is another time of year that food gift baskets and volunteering are greatly appreciated! Many gather together at food and homeless shelters to help clothe and feed the poor. Why not help out and donate a few food gift baskets to help someone who has not had a meal in a while? Keeping in tune with the meaning of this day will leave a calming feeling of joy. 


Costumes for all occasions decor
Gift basket idea from costumes for all occasions

Christmas is another time of year where food, family, and friends are very important. Many like to think of this holiday as the time for giving. As the motto goes, “Tis better to give than to receive”, many will give a food gift basket as a gift to needy families as well as to hosts of Christmas parties or celebrations. Show your true Christmas spirits by giving a food basket to someone you know will enjoy it. The satisfaction of a smile on someone’s face is sure to warm your heart. 

New Years Day 

New Year is the holiday for celebration and festivities. Everyone is recapping their last year and preparing for the New Year. As many parties are hosted during this holiday, giving a food gift basket would be a great idea. Get a basket with some wine and fine cheese to give out. At the stroke of midnight, you can taste the wine and snack on some cheese and crackers with guests to bring the new year in right! You can never go wrong with that. 


An ideal holiday for a food gift basket is Easter. Many baskets are given around this time of year. Though most of them contain candy and goodies for little ones, you can still give a gift of a food basket to make someone’s day. Get a simple food gift basket just to celebrate the reason for this holy holiday.

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