Last-Minute Kids Halloween Costumes For 2019

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Well, dang, Halloween is only a couple days away and your kid STILL doesn’t have their costume. No problem, we know life can get busy especially when you have little ones, that’s why Costumes for All Occasions is here to help. We have a wide assortment of readymade costumes for all ages in addition to elements you may need to create a custom idea with things you already own. Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t have any ideas, here are a few we can share that you can throw together in a flash!

Black Cat or Leopard

Costumes for All Occasions is here to help.

Playing a cat is one of the easiest and most fun Halloween outfits there is! You can grab our child’s black cat outfit or our kids spotted leopard outfit and you are ready to go. Paint on whiskers with waterproof eyeliner and your kitty is prepared for a night of trick or treating. If you have all black clothing at home, you can just glue some construction paper ears onto a headband for a quick last-minute homemade outfit.  

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie Kids Costume

Not all heroes wear capes and not every little girl wants to be a princess. Rosie the riveter is a great costume idea for girls of any age that you can create with a few simple pieces you probably already own. Toss on a jean shirt or her favorite pair of overalls then tie a white and red bandana around her hair. You have an instant strong woman who sends the perfect message for Halloween.


Bad Seek Costume

Turning into a pumpkin has never been more fun. For kids that are still not walking, you can dress them in an easy to carry outfit and embellish their head with a vine hat. For older kids, you can make an elaborate costume that turns them into a puffy walking pumpkin or a scary Jack-o-lantern. If you are looking for an extra scary outfit, then our bad seed creature reacher outfit may be just what you are looking for.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Could the home renovation couple be any cuter? These two rocks that farmhouse style with tools and T-shirts—Joanna’s reads #shiplap and Chip’s says #demoday. The famous HGTV duo was made famous from their show “Fixer Upper.”


You can always bring back the classics with these cute Indian boy or Indian girl outfits. There is nothing better than showing respect to those who came before us even when we are out all night gathering candy. A bonus is that these outfits may also come in handy during Thanksgiving!

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