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Towering Sweet Dreams Clown simply loves playing and laughing with children! This intimidating 7-foot tall animated towering creep comes with an easy-to-assemble metallic framework, long black hair, black & white striped costume along with big black clown shoes. He's two creepy extended hands, among which will be holding a little child from the feet! The Sweet Dreams Clown's eyes will shine with green glee along with his head and chest turns out side-to-side while he states among 3 frightful expressions ("maniacal laughter", "OH look what I've here (child screams), a brand new volunteer for my own juggling act! (kid cries ) Seems like I have a live one (kid cries ) - although maybe not for long hehehe! (child yells )","Wakey wakey, rise and shine sleepy head! (kid yells ) This ought to instruct you to always look under your mattress! (kid yells ) And on your cupboard hahah! (kid cries )") because the crying child he is holding from the toes screams and flails about! Twist the UL power adapter to any standard socket and select from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Measure Here Pad (included) activation choices to operate. The infrared detector functions up to 6.5 feet away and operates in most light conditions - glowing mild to no light! Thing includes volume management. Easy-to-assemble with quick-connect sticks. Assembly is required. Materials: 40% Iron, 8 percent PVC, 2% Digital, 30% Polyester, 20% Cotton. For indoor or covered-porch usage only. This clown may be available to your next birthday celebration - if you need him or not!

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