Make Your Event A Casino Party This October And Skip The Fake Blood

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A casino party is something that everyone will enjoy, and it can turn any occasion into an event that everyone will remember forever. Try something exciting this time and go with a casino theme that will bring life to any party. Costumes for all Occasions has plenty of decorations to help you set the mood.

Holding a casino party instead of a traditional spooky or horror-themed event could be the best thing you do this year. A casino theme is one that most adults can really get into, and everyone loves a good wager, so try it out for your next party and see how a potentially drab occasion can turn into a night you’ll remember forever.

What Kind of Party Can Use a Casino Theme?

Aside from religious events, any party can have a casino theme. Essentially, it is like bringing home a piece of Vegas so your friends and acquaintances can enjoy what they would otherwise have to travel in order to experience. Birthday parties are ideal for this because adults tend to shy away from birthday parties unless it’s an exciting theme that they can really enjoy. Halloween parties are also a great bet because not everyone is into blood, guts, and gore. Wagering is certainly in that category, and nobody but nobody can resist a good wager. Besides, you can choose the kind of games you want – hardcore casino or just pure fun activities like bingo, darts or other similar games.

More on Game Types

Genuine casino games include poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps and the ever-popular one-arm bandit. Other entertainment includes bingo games, Hi-Lo and many others that are games of pure luck. Depending on the type of event and the kind of people that are going to be there, you can choose any combination of games you like.


This is where you might be tempted to hire a professional event management company to host the party. If you hire professionals they will make sure that the equipment is authentic and the staff is well-trained to play the roles of dealers, croupiers, stewards and so on. Of course, not everyone is looking to spend that kind of money and that’s where decorating and props from Costumes for all Occasions can come in handy. You can have a couple of your close friends dress the part of the dealers or you can hire short term help just for the night. 

Making the Right Food and Beverage Choices

When the entertainment is casino themed, the food and drinks need to be, too. That’s why it is essential that you make sure that the refreshments are “in tune” with the theme of the evening. Serving hors d’ oeuvres that match the exclusivity of the theme will ensure that your party is nothing less than a major hit event that will be the talk of your circle of friends for months to come. If your party is better than other Halloween events they attended, they might even expect the same thing next year!

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