Great Costume Ideas From The 2019 Met Gala

Halloween is less than two months away which means that you should be thinking about starting the planning stage if you are going to wear a unique costume. Halloween has been around forever which means that most costume ideas have come and gone more than a few times. If you are looking to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve as an icon from pop culture or something more traditional, Costumes For All Occasions is here to help. If you are stuck on ideas and want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, we have several ideas straight from the 2019 Met Gala that are Instagram-worthy and guaranteed to please.

Katy Perry Hamburger

Katy Perry Hamburger Costume

Katy Perry has always come through with creative outfits for the Met Gala and this year was no different. If you are looking to break away from the mundane, take a page out of Katy’s book and dress up as an America’s Favorite food- A Hamburger. Pair our ready to wear a costume with some comfortable brown shoes and you are set for the night! If you have little ones consider dressing them as French fries to make it a family outfit.

Jessica Rabbit

Heidi Klum is an icon when it comes to the Met and Halloween costumes. Although Jessica rabbit is a fan favorite, you can bring make it come alive in a true red carpet style. Our signature red dress will highlight your curves like miss rabbit and you can complete the sultry icon look with a deep red wig to pull it together. Add some cute heels, purple gloves and finish it off with your favorite eye look in a deep purple to make everything pop. We suggest the ABH Norvina Vol 1 for the perfect pops of purple and that iconic sultry shimmer.

Jared Leto – “US”

Not everything at the Met Gala was meant to be full-on glam, and Halloween isn’t always about looking sexy either. Take a page from Jared Let and recreate this oddly strange but satisfying red outfit and disembodied head accessory look to make your Halloween complete. Pair a long red pantsuit or cape with a smattering of jewels to recreate the look, or make the style your own with other spooky accessories. We also have a range of handy costume makeup kits to help bring the look together.

US actor Jared Leto arrives for the 2019 Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2019, in New York. – The Gala raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute. The Gala’s 2019 theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion” inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on Camp”. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Tiffany Haddish Zebra Print

Who says that you can’t look fashionable and outrageous all at the same time. Tiffany Haddish perfect both with her stylishly cut bell bottom pant and fitted jacket duo. To take it to the level of the Met Gala, she chose a distinctive zebra print and a purse full of fried chicken. You can make a play on a similar outfit with our 70’s swinger costume or our Disco king outfit. Pair the outfit with our Zebra leg furies and a matching bag to bring your take on the Met Gala to life. Fried chicken not included.

Zendaya’s Cinderella

Zendaya Costume

Every little girl wants to be a princess, and sometimes even big girls want to live the dream too. Zendaya brought the fairy tale to life at the Met Gala with her light-up ball gown that made her look like a dream come true. You can recreate the look with our Cinderella classic costume set or our Enchanting princess gown. All you have to do is add some glow lights or battery-powered train lights to the edges of your gown to sparkle all night long. Finish off the look with the  Blue Blood Palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics to make your outfit truly enchanting.

New Year’s 2020 – 4 Ideas For A Rocking Smaller Event

New Year’s Eve 2020 is set to be much different than massive gatherings of the past. Crowds are being kept to a minimum and travel is limited in most places. As a result, you may be scrambling to plan an alternative event. New Year’s Eve parties tend to be the highlight of the year. Good ones will keep guests talking until the next one rolls around. If you are stumped for ideas amid the new restrictions, we can help. Costumes For All Occasions has put together a list of the top four New Year’s Eve rocking party ideas that you can host on a small scale.

New Year’s 2020 Around the World Dinner Party

Party For New Year's 2020
Party Around The World

A lot of people take road trips or even travel the world at the end of the year. With these options no longer on the table, it’s time to get creative with your New Year’s 2020 dinner party. Host an around the world themed party where each guest or couple represents a different country. If the party is a potluck, you can ask each couple to bring a dish from their chosen location, or you can make or order dishes to match each selection represented at the party. Don’t forget to decorate your home or backyard with decor from all over the world to really bring the theme to life. We have a lot of themed house decorations here to help make your party a success.

Masquerade New Year’s Party Theme

Some of the best entertainment is experienced while being anonymous. Since we are all supposed to be wearing masks in a crowd anyway, why not turn your New Year’s 2020 party into a Masquerade event! Play up the mystery by decorating your venue in gold and black tones. You can offer masks for your guest or challenge them to create the most extravagant they can on their own. Pair your glitzy New Year’s mask with glamorous outfits and a swanky backdrop to capture memories. You can also add an open bar to light up the night. Your New Year’s 2020 party is sure to be the talk of the town for years to come.

New Year’s 2020 Dessert Party

New Year's 2020 With a Pop
New Year’s 2020 With a Pop

Sweets are always a good way to ease the soul and fill the mind with comfort. If you are looking for a  New Year’s party idea, then you will love hosting a 2020 New Year’s dessert party. Ask your guest to dress up in candy colors and bring along their favorite sweet dish. Add a few of your own along with plenty of drinks and savory items to round out the feast table. Make sure to have 20 desserts to tie in with the 2020 theme, along with coffee or even 20 different adult libations. Decorate your home or venue in New Year’s decor that has a sweet undertone to complete the aesthetic.

New Year’s Fondue Party 2020

At the end of the year, the perfect way to warm up when it is cold outside is to load up in cheese. Yup, we said it, cheese. If you are looking for a unique party idea that is perfect for smaller crowds, a New Year’s 2020 fondue party is a perfect choice.

Dress Up Your Photos with a gltizy backdrop for New Year's 2020
Make your New Year’s 2020 Beautiful

Set up a few different cheese stations each laden down with bread, fruits, meats, and vegetables for your guest to enjoy. As the clock counts down, bellies will fill up at your family-friendly New Year’s party. Decorate your home or venue in a bright color that gives off a sense of joy and hope. Instead of a photo booth, make a New Year’s holographic balloon backdrop where your guest can capture their memories for the year.

Proper Etiquette For Parties During The COVID- 19 Pandemic

Social distancing and smaller gatherings are going to be a part of life for the foreseeable future. As a result, pandemic etiquette is something we all must learn. People are social creatures by nature, so you can’t expect to stay in isolation forever. Larger parties are no longer allowed in most places, however, smaller more intimate affairs are still encouraged. Whether you are hosting a shindig or attending one as a guest, it is important to follow proper pandemic etiquette to help everyone around you stay safe. Costumes For All Occasions has created an easy to remember guide of good practices to follow at parties during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Pre-Event Health Check

Depending on the size and type of event you will be attending, it might be a good idea to get tested prior to the event date. If you will be around others who you know are at risk, taking the extra step can help save a life. Another way to check your health is to pay attention to the signs. If you are experiencing any type of symptoms linked with infection, graciously decline to attend. Checking temperatures at the door is also an option for hosts if they have small children, elderly, or other at-risk guests who will be in attendance. It never hurts to be extra careful especially during a pandemic.

Hand Washing & Sanitizing

Keeping your hands clean is the best way to reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. As a host, you can set up a themed hand washing station in the restroom nearest your front door. Ask guests to wash their hands as they arrive and frequently during the event to maintain cleanliness. As a guest, it is a good idea to carry a personal sized hand sanitizer at all times. This will allow you to keep your hands clean even when you are not near a sink. If you cough or sneeze, make sure to wash your hands immediately. Not only is it a good habit, but it will also cut down on the spread of germs.

Don’t Share

Most people are taught to share from the moment they start preschool. Well, for the most part, that needs to stop. Avoid sharing food and drinks with others to help reduce the spread of germs. Make a point of not leaving your glass or your plate sitting out where someone may mistakenly consume it. The same goes for sharing napkins and anything else that may harbor hidden germs.

Maintain Your Distance

While seeming standoffish may seem counterproductive to attending a party, it is still a good idea to leave a reasonable distance between yourself and other guests. It may not be realistic to stand 6 feet apart in a house party, but you can leave a generous arm’s length between you when conducting a casual conversation. This will also help reduce the transmission of germs in the event that anyone is unknowingly sick.

Mind Your Seating Arrangements

Close seating arrangements may have been trendy in the past, but giving each person space at the table will make your event more manageable. Not only will guests be able to dine or relax in comfort, but a nice buffer zone will also be created to help maintain safety.

Avoid Extra Touching

Many people are very affectionate, especially with friends and family they happen to be close to. It is a good idea to limit the number of hugs and kisses that are passed around during parties to keep everyone safe. It is also a good idea as a guest to limit casual touches to prevent the spread of germs. While all these measures may seem extreme, if everyone plays their part, then the party will go off without a hitch.

Make The Most Of Your Christmas Holidays With These Small Event Hacks

Getting ready for the Christmas holiday usually means buying gifts for all of your family members and planning a least one large holiday party. With the current state of the world, large events are no longer possible. While big parties are not an option, most families are still planning to host small intimate events to celebrate the holidays. If you are planning on hosting a small event, Costumes For All Occasions has some simple small event hacks that will help you make the most of your small Christmas event.

Visually Upgrade Your Adult Libations For Your Small Event

Small Event Decorating
Bling Your Wine Display

Wine is a common staple at any Christmas party. Instead of serving the bottle on ice as a centerpiece, upgrade your display. Freeze whole cranberries in the ice you plant to use in your wine bucket. This will add an elegant pop of color to your table without increase your decorating cost. If you don’t want to use fresh cranberries, you can also purchase colored pearls or beads and use them instead. Not only will this add to the aesthetics of the space, but it will also put a unique touch on your celebrations.

Decoration Hacks

When you are hosting a small event, you should put more time and effort into creating memorable decorations. The holidays are already hectic, so simplifying your decorating plans can make your event stress free even while upgrading your final look. You can pick up some holiday-themed decorations from the Christmas section and pair them with your own handmade details for a highly curated look.

For smaller events that will feature mostly family or close friends, consider making garlands from photos of people who won’t be able to attend. You can make a photo garland using pictures of past parties or even just candid shots of any past event. Mount the photos on cardstock along with labels, make garlands out of a few pictures interspersed with seasonal props to finish off the look. You can place these above doorways or even on doors that your guest will pass by during the event.

Make Cookie Ball Blossoms For Christmas 2020

Cookies Blossoms For Your Small Event
Cookies Blossoms For Your Small Event

Cookie exchanges are a traditional activity during the holidays. While many people will host this as a separate party, you can add it to your small event. Alternatively, you can also send cookies instead of visiting your friends in person if you plan to stay in quarantine. Round cookies are cute and trees or snowflake-shaped cookies are creative. Take this idea to a whole new level by creating holiday blossom cookies. Make balls out of your cookie dough and then shape them into flowers before baking them to perfection. Present your friends and family with lovely holiday bouquets at the end of your party.

Disconnect the Cord and Give Your Guest Visual Entertainment

Turn Of The TV at Your Small Event
Cut The Cord For Guest Interaction

Small events will give you more time with your guest. Unplug the TV and cover it with a seasonal painting. If you don’t have a painting large enough, consider wrapping your TV like a present in wrapping paper that matches your decor. Instead of electronics, give your friends and family other things to occupy their sight. Spend extra time decorating your tree, skip the traditional tree skirt, and use a scarf or throw instead. Add lighting in unique places such as along the fireplace or under tables. You would be surprised at how much conversation is started by providing little details that tickle the imagination.

Celebrating Thanksgiving On A Small Scale

Thanksgiving is a time where families and friends come together to give thanks for everything good in their lives. They are also great opportunities for people to reconnect after long periods of time away. With the current state of the world, long-distance travel and large gatherings are no longer an option. While this may mean that many people will not get the chance to reconnect, that doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving has to be completely canceled. Hosting a small scale, Thanksgiving dinner for your immediate family is a great alternative to the large events of the past. If you are not sure how to get started, Costumes For All Occasions has some tips that may help.

Creative Thanksgiving Menus

Get Creative This Thanksgiving
Get Creative This Thanksgiving

Plenty of recipes have been passed down through the generations that families will serve every Thanksgiving. With fewer people to entertain, popping a giant turkey or ham into the oven is no longer cost-effective or budget-friendly. You can save on space and money by reinventing your menu to accommodate a smaller guest list. Consider buying a smaller turkey or even only turkey breast and making a new menu item. Instead of several large pies to feed a few families, consider making a cobbler Instead. Or, you can even small single person-sized pies to make your small Thanksgiving dinner more unique. You can ditch the traditional menu completely and move out of your comfort zone by creating a meal of exotic dishes instead. Since traveling is not an option for most, bring foreign cuisine to your dinner table this Thanksgiving holiday. With fewer people on the guest list, you can be much more daring in your menu choices than usual.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Potluck

Hosting events outdoors is one way to help reduce the risk of passing along pathogens to your guests. Unless you have a sprawling estate with a well lit outdoor dining setup, evening meals are out. Consider hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving potluck instead. Keep your guest list small and have each person or couple to bring a dish. Not only will this take the pressure off of everyone, but it will bring a sense of togetherness and sharing which is further highlighted during this holiday. When sending out invitations, make sure that you give a variety of menu options and have each guest RSVP with their planned entree. It is also important to follow proper coronavirus protocol when prepping dishes. This is also a great opportunity to dress up your space in comforting fall decor that adds a level of luxury to your Thanksgiving potluck.

Keep It Local With Holiday Meals In A Box

Order Your Thanksgiving Meal Locally
Buy Your Thanksgiving Dinner Locally

A lot of local businesses are suffering due to the slower foot traffic caused by closures and social distancing restrictions. With travel limited, there is also no need for Thanksgiving meals large enough to feed a small army. This holiday, you can reduce your workload and help support your community by purchasing a ready-made Thanksgiving meal to go. Spend time decorating your home and writing thoughtful letters to those who live far away while your local restaurant prepares a perfect Thanksgiving meal, which will also be more affordable than cooking at home from scratch.

Reduce Food Wastage This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that revolves around opulent meals, excessive eating and overflowing dinner tables. Usually, there are plenty of family members and friends to prevent much food from being wasted, but with smaller events, there needs to be a limit on the excess. Consider cutting down your meals to a curated menu of five to seven items which includes desert. The main dish, bread, a couple of sides, and two dessert options. This will give your table a well-rounded look while appealing to everyone’s tastes. The best thing about a smaller feast is that while you still get those delicious leftovers, you won’t have so much that you end up tossing any in the trash.

Creative Thanksgiving Trends For 2020

Are you tired of being stuck in the house? Are you looking forward to attending or hosting a big get together this holiday? Chances are that when Thanksgiving rolls around there will still be a limitation of mass gatherings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season. Costumes For All Occasions has put together a list of creative Thanksgiving trends for 2020 that will help you to make the most of your smaller holiday celebrations.

Welcome To Thanksgiving 2020
Come Home For Thanksgiving 2020

Enjoy The Virtual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Mayor Bill de Blasio has revealed that the annual parade will still happen but without the typical crowds. Instead of heading out to stand in the cold, consider decorating your home and hosting a parade brunch instead. With the famous parade being held virtually, you can share the spirit and the joy of that day together with a select number of your loved ones over a heartwarming meal at home.

Create Some Crafts With Your Kids – Thanksgiving Trends 2020

Jeweled Thanksgiving Pumpkin
Jeweled Thanksgiving Pumpkin

The meal crafting is for the adults, but you can still make this special holiday a treat for the kids. You can include the children in your Thanksgivingtrends and celebration by having them help craft the decorations. They can make jewel encrusted pumpkins with a little bit of hot glue and their imaginations to place in the hallways and on the front porch. You can even have them paint some mason jars in fall colors to use as candle holders for your Thanksgiving table. If the leaves have already started changing colors, have the little ones gather some brightly colored leaves to make leaf turkeys to decorate your abode. Don’t forget to add some homemade cornucopias to your festive decorations.

Enjoy Catering Of Locally Sourced Food

With the travel cut down to a minimum and most guest list being cut in half, catered meals are set to trend in 2020. For this Thanksgiving holiday, more families are thinking about supporting their local farms and restaurants while also reducing their workload. Not only will you and your family enjoy a tasty feast this holiday, but you also get to shed the stress that comes with days or even weeks of planning and preparation. There is something really special about farm-to-table locally sourced meals made to order for the holidays.

Thanksgiving Trends 2020- Outdoor Supper

The current health guidelines suggest hosting an event outdoors if the weather permits to help cut down on transmission. Depending on where you live, an outdoor Thanksgiving supper may be the perfect trend to follow. Choose a just before dusk dinner time and make sure that you have plenty of outdoor lighting. Leave some spaces between diners to make everyone comfortable while also creating an atmosphere of exclusivity.

Outdoor Thanksgiving
Take Your Thanksgiving Feast Outside

Prepare A Decorative Dessert Table

Desserts are almost as important as the turkey on Thanksgiving. From pumpkin pie to fall macaroons, the after-meal treat is what many will remember. With a smaller group to serve you can be more creative with your offerings. If you are looking for thanksgiving trends for 2020 that are sure to be a hit, your dessert table is a great place to start.

Thanksgiving Dessert
Make Yoru Guest Giggle With Fanciful Desserts

Add a brightly colored fruit salad to the table for a layered look and place your confections on tiered platters. This will give your event a touch of elegance while making each guest feel like they are attending an A-list event. 

Last Minute Halloween Costumes For All Ages

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are still not ready then you might just be stuck at home in your pajamas. Well, not really! Thankfully Costumes for All Occasions is here to give you some great last-minute ideas so you can join the ranks of the undead this upcoming Halloween.

If you are looking for spooky thrills this Halloween, we have a wide assortment of options for you to choose from. We also have a list of not so common ideas that follow pop culture, social media and other viral and trending people that you can co-op for your Halloween costume.

Fleabag & Hot Priest

Fleabag & Hot Priest From Costumes for all occasions

This is one of 2019 most quirky yet popular shows and we can help you transform into the season’s favorite characters.  After all, there is nothing like being a hot mess for Halloween when your night is bound to leave you in that state anyway. The Fleabag jumpsuit is instantly recognizable with the keyhole and all for those ladies who are hitting the town on their own.  Add some fake blood, nose bandages, and an unlit cigarette to complete the look. We also have a priest outfit if you want to hit the town as a matched couple.

Elizabeth Holmes

Scammer Costume for Halloween

Halloween is made for all things scary and scammers are scarier than most monsters- for adults anyway. If you want to hit the town as one of the year’s most prolific scammers, Elizabeth Holmes, then we have just what you need. Although she tried to pull off the Steve Jobs look in feminine fashion all she did was scam millions out of their money for medical services. To complete the look you just need a black turtle neck, one of our long blond wigs, and some of our prop medical equipment to complete the look.

Euphoria Girl

with a Hot Chick outfit from costumes for all occasions.

If you are a fan of HBO, chances are you have watched at least one episode of Euphoria. The show may be heavy but it is also full of hot girls and a nice storyline with a few illicit substances mixed in for flavor. This Halloween is the perfect chance to channel your inner Euphoria Girl with a glitzy outfit and far out of sight makeup. Pair your favorite high heels and some costume jewelry and you are ready for an adult version of a spooky night on the town.

Alien From Area 51

Aliens here at costumes for all occasions.

People have been trying to storm Area 51 for ages but this year people actually descended upon the site in the hopes of seeing some real aliens. Let’s imagine for this Halloween at least that they were able to break into the base and release some aliens! We have full-size adult costumes that you can use to take over their identity or you can add elements such as an escaped alien lurking on your shoulder. No matter what type of outer space experience you are looking for, we are sure to have something to make your last-minute Halloween ideas come to life.

5 Trendy Ideas For Safer Costumes – Halloween 2020

Tick-or-Treat at Home

While trick-or-treating is canceled for most this Halloween, that doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on wearing a costume. Many families will host smaller events at home or in outdoor locations as an alternative to traditional trick-or-treat excursions. If you are planning to attend a Halloween get together, it is a good idea to take a few extra precautions. Costumes For All Occasions has some great tips and tricks to make your costume safer while staying trendy for Halloween 2020.

Murdering Tigress

Carol Baskin Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 has a lot of material to choose from this year, but Tiger King happens to make it to the top of our list. With talk of tigers, missing husbands, and odd hippie fashion, a Carol Baskin costume is a must this year. Pink animal floral shirts paired with a flower crown are the perfect way to unleash your inner cat. You can round off the look with an oversized plush tiger to boot! A creative tiger face mask will take this outfit to a whole new level while keeping you safe at the same time.

All Cheers For Halloween 2020

Cheer Halloween 2020
Cheer Halloween 2020

Dressing up in a cheer outfit is a given for most, but with schools closed there is even more reason to indulge. If you have been binge-watching Cheer on Netflix, then you will make a splash dressing up as your favorite character. Pair the iconic black and burgundy outfit with a matching blackout facemask to maintain pandemic rules while showing off your looks. We even have pompom here to match.

A Touch Of Hollywood

Be Glam This Halloween 2020
Be Glam This Halloween 2020

If you have been stuck inside like most of us, then chances are you have seen the series Hollywood. What better way to channel your inner Camille, Clair, or Jack by dressing up as one of them for Halloween 2020? Pair your favorite red pumps with a glamorous classic red outfit straight from the series. Kitten gloves and a bejeweled mask will round out the look while keeping you safe in a crowd at the same time. For the guys, you can wear your unused office wear topped by a golden cap and a black mask to complete the look.

Royalty In The Rain

If you are a fan of Megan and Harry, then why not recreate their loving moment in the rain? This Halloween 2020, all you need is a pair of blue pumps, a light blue bodycon dress, and an umbrella.

Royalty in the rain
Royalty in the rain

Your partner can wear any suite and you both can don matching facemask to make the whole look party safe. Rain not included.

Don’t Be A Karen

Can I Speak To The Manager?! We all have witnessed at least one such altercation where an irate customer demanded a manager. We usually don’t go political here, but with so many, Karen’s out there being demanding and making noise, we can’t resist. This is the perfect way to show how NOT to behave in public this Halloween 2020. The great thing about this mask is that it covers the full face, so you can wear a simple surgical mask inside. Pair it with mom jeans or even a plush puppy on a leash, channel your inner Karan today. While we can’t take credit for this one, we wholly support Jason Adcock’s KAREN-19 spooky contribution.

Safety Tips For Halloween 2020

Aside from maintaining your distance in social situations, it is a good idea to limit the number of places you visit. While most parties are canceled and trick-or-treat 2020 is no longer an option, smaller events are still on the table. If you have been invited or plan to attend some spooky parities, try to limit your night to two locations. Change your mask when you enter a new venue and remember to wash your hands well and often. As always, don’t share drinks or food to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses. Costumes For All Occasions wants you to have a safe, spooky Halloween 2020.

Zoom Holiday Parties? How To Decorate For Remote Events

The holiday season is fast approaching and with most people maintaining social distancing, the question of holiday parties is left in limbo. There are a few different ways to keep your holidays delightful. One of which is hosting and even via Zoom or Skype. Costumes For All Occasions is always here to help you make the most of your event, even if that event happens to be hosted online. Break out your tinsel, pull on that little black dress, and decorate your background to bring the holidays to life. We have a few tips and tricks that will help you decorate your home or even just a single room to make your Zoom event a success.

What is a Zoom Holiday Party?

A Zoom party is basically a holiday party or special event hosted online. You and your guest attend from your own locations via the internet. You can use your tablet, laptop, phone, or any other video enable device to connect via the Zoom video conferencing app. Zoom events can be small or large. This idea is not limited to Zoom, you can also use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or any other video conferencing program that you prefer. With so many people limiting their time in crowds, online parties, game nights, virtual concerts, online dance parties, and other social events have moved online.

Holiday Backdrop

You may be wondering why even bother hosting a party, let alone zoom events, after all, the point of parties is socialize in person. With interstate travel bans and social distancing rules in force due to COVID-19, maintaining a link with friends and family is more important than ever.

How Do You Host A Online Holiday Party?

Hosting your holiday party online is easier than you think. Also, since you don’t have to cook or cater food for a crowd, you can spend more time on your decorations and your outfit. The first step is choosing a date for your holiday party. Send out e-cards as invitations to everyone on your guest list. Give an option of two or three different time frames and choose the one that gets the most votes for your even time.

Everyone can join the fun when the party is online!

It is also important to have a party itinerary for your event. While just turning on a camera and having a big conversation may seem like a good idea, it will make things more festive if everyone can participate equally. Consider having set times for games or a roundtable, or even a list of topics that you want to touch on during the event. Giving your guest a general timeline will allow everyone to put their thoughts together beforehand while also ensuring everyone has a chance to be heard.

Create A Theme And Decorate Accordingly

Picking a color scheme for your event will help everyone connect and feel a better sense of community during your virtual party. If you are hosting a Halloween virtual even, consider having a spooky backdrop, plenty of candles, of course, a spooky costume. For festive parties such as thanksgiving, you can create a heartwarming atmosphere by decorating for the season.

Halloween Party Backdrop

Consider placing your camera in from of your Christmas tree or decorated fireplace for Christmas events, or even setting up a stunning New Years’ backdrop with golden balloons and fireworks for an NYE party. Although you may not be cooking for a crowd, there is no reason not to cook or order a decadent meal for yourself to enjoy during your event. Make sure all of your guests are aware of the theme in advance, so everyone can decorate accordingly.

Engage Your Guests

Just because you are not all in one place doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. Decorating will get everyone in the mood, providing entertainment will keep everyone engaged. You or one of your guests can hire an entertainer to dazzle everyone from one location, or you can even consider booking virtual entertainers. Bring out the card games or even set up a virtual board game to make your holiday Zoom party memorable. No matter what your theme, we are sure to have the decor to make your online party a hit.

5 Events That Can Be Enhanced With A Gift Basket

You may not have the time to devote to actually preparing a dish to carry with you; flowers and wine are also very common gifts that are given by guests. If you are looking to set yourself apart from the rest, or just want to try something new, try giving a gift basket to the host of the celebration. There are several different types and price ranges that you can choose from. Food Gift Baskets are fun to give any time of year. A little bit of creativity and some props from Costumes for all Occasions, you can make a memorable gift basket to share!

4th of July 

4th of July Gift Basket From Costume For All Occasions

As one of the first celebrations of the summer the fourth of July is a great time to give a food gift basket. Everyone is pulling out their grills and preparing to host their first barbecues of the summer. If you’ve been invited to one of these fun celebrations, then you should try gifting a food basket. Fill the basket with different barbecue sauces or marinades and give it to the chef. 

Office Party         

Office parties are fun to attend. You get to spend the day at working goofing off and catching up on personal conversation with your coworkers. Office parties usually mean that each coworker will bring a dish or item of food for everyone to share. Pick up a food gift basket filled with treats that will be loved by everyone in the office. 


Birthdays are a time for celebrating the birth of someone. If you want to bring something different to the party, bring a basket filled with delectable treats for the birthday person to eat. Food is always a greatly accepted gift. 

New Job/Career

Do you know someone who has recently received a new job offer or moving on to start their ideal career? There is definitely room for celebration and a food gift basket would let them know you care. Surprise a friend or coworker with a food gift basket as an expression of your happiness for their newfound success. 

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gift basket from Costumes for all Occasions

We all have a mother that we would like to give thanks to. Moms are a very important part of our lives and for this reason, we give them a day to honor them. If you are tired of the typical gifts of perfume, flowers, or fragrance sets then a food gift basket would be an ideal change. Get mom a basket filled with foods that she likes. She will love that you took the time to create a gift basket just for her with her favorite treats! 

Food is loved by all, and a food gift basket is something you can never go wrong with! With the food being stored in a basket properly the gift can be enjoyed at that moment or at a later date. Food helps to create memories, and your gift will surely be remembered. You can give a food gift basket at any time of year and for any occasion! 

Canceled Halloween Woes? Try These Trick-or-Treat Ideas Instead

Tick-or-Treat 2020

Tick-or-Treat 2020
Tick-or-Treat Cancled? Do these instead!

Most kids and a large number of adults look forward to Halloween every year. Not only is it a chance to dress up as your favorite character, but you also get to collect massive amounts of candy! What is not to love about showing off your creative skills by recreating the newest superhero from the big screen or scaring the pants off of your neighbors with spooky special effects? While mass Trick-or-Treat outings may be canceled, there are still plenty of ways to entertain the kids this Halloween, even among the Covid-19 pandemic. Costumes For All Occasions has a few clever trick-or-treat alternatives that will turn those frowns upside down.

Carve Trick-or-Treat Jack-O’-Lanterns

Carving up pumpkins is a tradition for many on Halloween, but instead of giving the job to one person, turn it into a family affair. Ditch your trick-or-treat plans and have a homebound carving competition instead.

Tick-or-Treat Carving

Put a bowl of candy on the table, play some spooky soundtracks in the background, and gather the family around for creative pumpkin carving fun. If you want to make it a group event, consider hosting it outside while maintaining distance with a limited number of guests.

Host A Spooky Movie Trick-or-Treat Party

One of the best things about Halloween is all the candy kids get from their trick-or-treat runs. Even though they can’t go door to door, you can still give them a sugar-filled holiday experience. Invite a few of your child’s friends over for a spooky kid-friendly movie and pass out trick-or-treat goodie bags at the end. Instead of serving regular popcorn, offer spooky-themed treats instead.

Decorate Your House For Indoor Family Trick-or-Treat Fun

You may not be able to go from house to house when you Trick-or-Treat this year, but you can still make use of your costumes and your candy. Have the family dress up in all of their festive gear and Trick-or-Treat from room to room. Decorate each room in your home with a different spooky aesthetic. Perhaps a haunted house in one room and a creepy graveyard in the next. You can decorate the family room with festive fall gourds and hide candy around the area for your family to search and discover. Don’t forget to decorate the outside of your home for extra flair, even if you are not receiving visitors.

Tick-or-Treat at Home

Bake Some Spooky Treats

Every kid and a lot of adults love to dress up before they hit the town for some old fashioned Trick-or-Treat fun, but who said you have to troll the streets for candy? Ditch the Trick-or-Treat run this year in favor of a Halloween baking session. Get creative when you make jack-a-lantern pies, ghoulish cookies, and bubbling brews to treat your family this Halloween. You can even put a spooky twist on a Christmas favorite by making a haunted gingerbread house. This will satisfy your family’s sweet tooth and provide some fun activities to keep them entertained at the same time.

Throw a Zoom Halloween Party

Just because you are skipping out on in-person parties and trick-or-treat fun, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party. Plenty of online applications will allow you to throw a party at home while others join in remotely.

Tick-or-Treat At Home Or Online
Tick-or-Treat For Fun

We have another blog post coming up soon that gives you a lot of suggestions on decorations and how to host a spooky or festive holiday Zoom party all on your own. Don’t forget to dress up!