Celebrating Thanksgiving On A Small Scale

Thanksgiving is a time where families and friends come together to give thanks for everything good in their lives. They are also great opportunities for people to reconnect after long periods of time away. With the current state of the world, long-distance travel and large gatherings are no longer an option. While this may mean that many people will not get the chance to reconnect, that doesn’t mean that Thanksgiving has to be completely canceled. Hosting a small scale, Thanksgiving dinner for your immediate family is a great alternative to the large events of the past. If you are not sure how to get started, Costumes For All Occasions has some tips that may help.

Creative Thanksgiving Menus

Get Creative This Thanksgiving
Get Creative This Thanksgiving

Plenty of recipes have been passed down through the generations that families will serve every Thanksgiving. With fewer people to entertain, popping a giant turkey or ham into the oven is no longer cost-effective or budget-friendly. You can save on space and money by reinventing your menu to accommodate a smaller guest list. Consider buying a smaller turkey or even only turkey breast and making a new menu item. Instead of several large pies to feed a few families, consider making a cobbler Instead. Or, you can even small single person-sized pies to make your small Thanksgiving dinner more unique. You can ditch the traditional menu completely and move out of your comfort zone by creating a meal of exotic dishes instead. Since traveling is not an option for most, bring foreign cuisine to your dinner table this Thanksgiving holiday. With fewer people on the guest list, you can be much more daring in your menu choices than usual.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Potluck

Hosting events outdoors is one way to help reduce the risk of passing along pathogens to your guests. Unless you have a sprawling estate with a well lit outdoor dining setup, evening meals are out. Consider hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving potluck instead. Keep your guest list small and have each person or couple to bring a dish. Not only will this take the pressure off of everyone, but it will bring a sense of togetherness and sharing which is further highlighted during this holiday. When sending out invitations, make sure that you give a variety of menu options and have each guest RSVP with their planned entree. It is also important to follow proper coronavirus protocol when prepping dishes. This is also a great opportunity to dress up your space in comforting fall decor that adds a level of luxury to your Thanksgiving potluck.

Keep It Local With Holiday Meals In A Box

Order Your Thanksgiving Meal Locally
Buy Your Thanksgiving Dinner Locally

A lot of local businesses are suffering due to the slower foot traffic caused by closures and social distancing restrictions. With travel limited, there is also no need for Thanksgiving meals large enough to feed a small army. This holiday, you can reduce your workload and help support your community by purchasing a ready-made Thanksgiving meal to go. Spend time decorating your home and writing thoughtful letters to those who live far away while your local restaurant prepares a perfect Thanksgiving meal, which will also be more affordable than cooking at home from scratch.

Reduce Food Wastage This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that revolves around opulent meals, excessive eating and overflowing dinner tables. Usually, there are plenty of family members and friends to prevent much food from being wasted, but with smaller events, there needs to be a limit on the excess. Consider cutting down your meals to a curated menu of five to seven items which includes desert. The main dish, bread, a couple of sides, and two dessert options. This will give your table a well-rounded look while appealing to everyone’s tastes. The best thing about a smaller feast is that while you still get those delicious leftovers, you won’t have so much that you end up tossing any in the trash.

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