Make The Most Of Your Christmas Holidays With These Small Event Hacks

Getting ready for the Christmas holiday usually means buying gifts for all of your family members and planning a least one large holiday party. With the current state of the world, large events are no longer possible. While big parties are not an option, most families are still planning to host small intimate events to celebrate the holidays. If you are planning on hosting a small event, Costumes For All Occasions has some simple small event hacks that will help you make the most of your small Christmas event.

Visually Upgrade Your Adult Libations For Your Small Event

Small Event Decorating
Bling Your Wine Display

Wine is a common staple at any Christmas party. Instead of serving the bottle on ice as a centerpiece, upgrade your display. Freeze whole cranberries in the ice you plant to use in your wine bucket. This will add an elegant pop of color to your table without increase your decorating cost. If you don’t want to use fresh cranberries, you can also purchase colored pearls or beads and use them instead. Not only will this add to the aesthetics of the space, but it will also put a unique touch on your celebrations.

Decoration Hacks

When you are hosting a small event, you should put more time and effort into creating memorable decorations. The holidays are already hectic, so simplifying your decorating plans can make your event stress free even while upgrading your final look. You can pick up some holiday-themed decorations from the Christmas section and pair them with your own handmade details for a highly curated look.

For smaller events that will feature mostly family or close friends, consider making garlands from photos of people who won’t be able to attend. You can make a photo garland using pictures of past parties or even just candid shots of any past event. Mount the photos on cardstock along with labels, make garlands out of a few pictures interspersed with seasonal props to finish off the look. You can place these above doorways or even on doors that your guest will pass by during the event.

Make Cookie Ball Blossoms For Christmas 2020

Cookies Blossoms For Your Small Event
Cookies Blossoms For Your Small Event

Cookie exchanges are a traditional activity during the holidays. While many people will host this as a separate party, you can add it to your small event. Alternatively, you can also send cookies instead of visiting your friends in person if you plan to stay in quarantine. Round cookies are cute and trees or snowflake-shaped cookies are creative. Take this idea to a whole new level by creating holiday blossom cookies. Make balls out of your cookie dough and then shape them into flowers before baking them to perfection. Present your friends and family with lovely holiday bouquets at the end of your party.

Disconnect the Cord and Give Your Guest Visual Entertainment

Turn Of The TV at Your Small Event
Cut The Cord For Guest Interaction

Small events will give you more time with your guest. Unplug the TV and cover it with a seasonal painting. If you don’t have a painting large enough, consider wrapping your TV like a present in wrapping paper that matches your decor. Instead of electronics, give your friends and family other things to occupy their sight. Spend extra time decorating your tree, skip the traditional tree skirt, and use a scarf or throw instead. Add lighting in unique places such as along the fireplace or under tables. You would be surprised at how much conversation is started by providing little details that tickle the imagination.

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