Proper Etiquette For Parties During The COVID- 19 Pandemic

Social distancing and smaller gatherings are going to be a part of life for the foreseeable future. As a result, pandemic etiquette is something we all must learn. People are social creatures by nature, so you can’t expect to stay in isolation forever. Larger parties are no longer allowed in most places, however, smaller more intimate affairs are still encouraged. Whether you are hosting a shindig or attending one as a guest, it is important to follow proper pandemic etiquette to help everyone around you stay safe. Costumes For All Occasions has created an easy to remember guide of good practices to follow at parties during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Pre-Event Health Check

Depending on the size and type of event you will be attending, it might be a good idea to get tested prior to the event date. If you will be around others who you know are at risk, taking the extra step can help save a life. Another way to check your health is to pay attention to the signs. If you are experiencing any type of symptoms linked with infection, graciously decline to attend. Checking temperatures at the door is also an option for hosts if they have small children, elderly, or other at-risk guests who will be in attendance. It never hurts to be extra careful especially during a pandemic.

Hand Washing & Sanitizing

Keeping your hands clean is the best way to reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. As a host, you can set up a themed hand washing station in the restroom nearest your front door. Ask guests to wash their hands as they arrive and frequently during the event to maintain cleanliness. As a guest, it is a good idea to carry a personal sized hand sanitizer at all times. This will allow you to keep your hands clean even when you are not near a sink. If you cough or sneeze, make sure to wash your hands immediately. Not only is it a good habit, but it will also cut down on the spread of germs.

Don’t Share

Most people are taught to share from the moment they start preschool. Well, for the most part, that needs to stop. Avoid sharing food and drinks with others to help reduce the spread of germs. Make a point of not leaving your glass or your plate sitting out where someone may mistakenly consume it. The same goes for sharing napkins and anything else that may harbor hidden germs.

Maintain Your Distance

While seeming standoffish may seem counterproductive to attending a party, it is still a good idea to leave a reasonable distance between yourself and other guests. It may not be realistic to stand 6 feet apart in a house party, but you can leave a generous arm’s length between you when conducting a casual conversation. This will also help reduce the transmission of germs in the event that anyone is unknowingly sick.

Mind Your Seating Arrangements

Close seating arrangements may have been trendy in the past, but giving each person space at the table will make your event more manageable. Not only will guests be able to dine or relax in comfort, but a nice buffer zone will also be created to help maintain safety.

Avoid Extra Touching

Many people are very affectionate, especially with friends and family they happen to be close to. It is a good idea to limit the number of hugs and kisses that are passed around during parties to keep everyone safe. It is also a good idea as a guest to limit casual touches to prevent the spread of germs. While all these measures may seem extreme, if everyone plays their part, then the party will go off without a hitch.

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