New Year’s 2020 – 4 Ideas For A Rocking Smaller Event

New Year’s Eve 2020 is set to be much different than massive gatherings of the past. Crowds are being kept to a minimum and travel is limited in most places. As a result, you may be scrambling to plan an alternative event. New Year’s Eve parties tend to be the highlight of the year. Good ones will keep guests talking until the next one rolls around. If you are stumped for ideas amid the new restrictions, we can help. Costumes For All Occasions has put together a list of the top four New Year’s Eve rocking party ideas that you can host on a small scale.

New Year’s 2020 Around the World Dinner Party

Party For New Year's 2020
Party Around The World

A lot of people take road trips or even travel the world at the end of the year. With these options no longer on the table, it’s time to get creative with your New Year’s 2020 dinner party. Host an around the world themed party where each guest or couple represents a different country. If the party is a potluck, you can ask each couple to bring a dish from their chosen location, or you can make or order dishes to match each selection represented at the party. Don’t forget to decorate your home or backyard with decor from all over the world to really bring the theme to life. We have a lot of themed house decorations here to help make your party a success.

Masquerade New Year’s Party Theme

Some of the best entertainment is experienced while being anonymous. Since we are all supposed to be wearing masks in a crowd anyway, why not turn your New Year’s 2020 party into a Masquerade event! Play up the mystery by decorating your venue in gold and black tones. You can offer masks for your guest or challenge them to create the most extravagant they can on their own. Pair your glitzy New Year’s mask with glamorous outfits and a swanky backdrop to capture memories. You can also add an open bar to light up the night. Your New Year’s 2020 party is sure to be the talk of the town for years to come.

New Year’s 2020 Dessert Party

New Year's 2020 With a Pop
New Year’s 2020 With a Pop

Sweets are always a good way to ease the soul and fill the mind with comfort. If you are looking for a  New Year’s party idea, then you will love hosting a 2020 New Year’s dessert party. Ask your guest to dress up in candy colors and bring along their favorite sweet dish. Add a few of your own along with plenty of drinks and savory items to round out the feast table. Make sure to have 20 desserts to tie in with the 2020 theme, along with coffee or even 20 different adult libations. Decorate your home or venue in New Year’s decor that has a sweet undertone to complete the aesthetic.

New Year’s Fondue Party 2020

At the end of the year, the perfect way to warm up when it is cold outside is to load up in cheese. Yup, we said it, cheese. If you are looking for a unique party idea that is perfect for smaller crowds, a New Year’s 2020 fondue party is a perfect choice.

Dress Up Your Photos with a gltizy backdrop for New Year's 2020
Make your New Year’s 2020 Beautiful

Set up a few different cheese stations each laden down with bread, fruits, meats, and vegetables for your guest to enjoy. As the clock counts down, bellies will fill up at your family-friendly New Year’s party. Decorate your home or venue in a bright color that gives off a sense of joy and hope. Instead of a photo booth, make a New Year’s holographic balloon backdrop where your guest can capture their memories for the year.

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