Great Halloween Costume Ideas Straight From The 2019 Small Screen

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We all have our favorite TV shows and chances are you have imagined yourself as one of the key characters at least once during the season. Halloween is the perfect time to transform into your favorite character with a little help from Costumes for all Occasions. You can be the dragons queen from Game of Thrones or even bring to life your favorite character from Empire. Whatever your desire, we will help you bring your ideas out of your head and into reality!

The Handmaid’s Tale Characters

The Handmaid's Tale Characters
Blessed be The Fruit!

Blessed be the fruit. If you are an avid watcher of the Handmaid’s tale, Halloween is the perfect chance to bring the story to life. You can dress up alone or with a few of your friends to really take the characters to the next level. A long red cape and a white bonnet will give you the demure look you need to pull it all together. Our accessories section is full of handy belts, baskets and prop fruit to finish off the look in your own unique style.

Daenerys From Game of Thrones

You can be the mother of dragons with our Daenerys costume.

The show has ended but the spirit lives in the form of super fans! Breathe life into your inner mother of dragons with our long blond wig. Pair the iconic hairstyle with our Sea Queen gown or Venus Goddess gown to capture the sweet but silent strength of Daenerys in her early days of conquest. Add our dragon cane or our mini flying dragon to really make the character come to life. Finish the look with the Game of Thrones collectors set from Urban Decay, or use one of our makeup kits as a more affordable option.

Alexis and David Rose From Schitt’s Creek

Alexis and David are two of the most loved characters in the Schitt’s Creek franchise. Their chemistry is something to aspire to, but in the meanwhile, you can take over their characters for Halloween. Pair our floppy hat with a long blond wig or your own hair and a renaissance blouse for Alexis soft look. Recreate David’s look with a pair of black skinny jeans, high top converse and any one of our oversized sweaters.  All you need is a cup of coffee or other accessories to make your Halloween outfit a success.

Boba Fett

There is nothing better than the classic and when it comes to classic galaxy shows a Bobba Fett costume is always set to be a hit. We have the whole deluxe costume available for adults and kids alike. Gloves, jetpack, shield, and helmet are all included so all you have to do is add your favorite pair of heavy boots. Your little ones can even twin with you in their own kid-sized trooper outfit. We have plenty of additional accessories like utility belts, laser guns and more to give your Halloween outfit the perfect finishing touch.

Boba Fett
We have Boba Fett costumes in all sizes, both kids and adults!

Missandei From Game of Thrones

Bring back your favorite with our Missandei costume.

Missandei is probably the next most loved character after the mother of dragons herself. Even though she met a sad end, you can bring her back just for Halloween. Pair one of our luscious wigs with a toga style dress to bring the unchained maven back to life. We also have a wide selection of headbands, belts, and gladiator-style sandals that will perfectly complement your outfit and  Missandei’s personality. If you have a partner consider having him dress up as the heartbroken Grey Worm for a truly magical experience.

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