Great Plus Sized Halloween Costumes for All Occasions

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Halloween is for everyone regardless of age and size. There is nothing more heartbreaking than going to your local party store only to walk out empty-handed due to lack of size diversity. While many stores may offer “plus-sized” options, not everyone wants to look like a potato or dress like a dinosaur. Here at Costumes for all Occasions, we have a wide range of trendy costumes that don’t hide your curves and they are available in sizes to fit for your lifestyle. We love the look of all of our customers, so go for it and live your very best life this Halloween.

Burlesque Babe

Your plus-sized curves can be as sexy as you want them to be, and just because traditional dancers look like beanpoles doesn’t mean you have to. With our Burlesque Babe costume, you can bring your inner Dita Von Teese to life for Halloween. We carry sizes up to XXL so you can shop with confidence and ease.

Vampire Bride

Vampire brides are always written as being very beautiful in just about every story or movie for good reason. We have the perfect undead bride costume that will make you look stunning regardless of your size. The long flowing arms are romantically long but still give off the dangerous bloodsucker vibe that vampires are known for. The lace-up bust gives just the right accent to your figure and the matching veil completes the plus sized look.

Sexy Devil

Who has ever said that big girls have to be good? Our seductive devil costume is velvety softness with a cut that will let the evil sideshow. Made with lush velvet, the deep red costume is the perfect complement to our men’s devil outfit. Available in sizes up to XXL, this plus sized costume is sure to be a hit!

The Walking Dead

Everyone loves a good zombie costume and just because you need a larger size shouldn’t mean that you have to make your own at home. Our zombie costume comes in a wide range of sizes up to XXL for both men and women. What’s even better is that the wig, mask, and gloves are included!

Venus Goddess

Greek costumes are a crowd favorite although most are made for people without curves. Our Venus Goddess of love costume is available in a wide assortment of sizes to fit every goddess out there. We hope you love your curves because this sensual yet softly feminine costume is just what you need to make your Halloween magical. Pair this costume with one of our long wavy wigs and a braided belt to complete the look. We also have a large variety of headpieces and costume jewelry to help you glam up your look.

Kids Extended Sizes

Children come in all shapes and sizes and Costumes for all Occasions ensures that no child leaves without the costume they desire. Our children’s line of costumes come in a wide range of sizes including oversized and extra small.  We are sure there is something that you will love in the perfect size, so take a look now before they are all sold out!

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